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Kholer & Campbell Upright Piano

Kohler & Campbell Upright Piano

View What Kohler & Campbell Pianos We Have Available

The Kohler & Campbell upright piano has been a popular choice among piano customers. One of the most attractive features about this brand of upright pianos is the price of a high quality piano. You can get a kohler & campbell upright piano with ornate features in a nice high quality finish for half the price of other brands.

Kohler & Campbell's goal is to get the quality of popular brands for the lowest price possible. The manufacturers and engineers have gone through each step of the Kohler & Campbell Upright piano making process to see where savings can be passed on to the customer without compromising the quality of the piano.

The technicians at the Piano Gallery can tell you what they think about the quality. When Kohler and Campbell Upright pianos come in, the tuners will go through it and make sure it's ready to sell. So the tuners literally know the piano inside and out. These pianos have good parts that will last a few generations.

There are a variety of piano finishes from the classic high polish ebony to an elegant cherry satin furniture style piano. The taller the piano, the longer the strings which will produce a fuller, richer and more powerful sound.

Come in to the Piano Gallery and compare the Kohler & Campbell pianos with other upright pianos. Try playing the keys and see how you like the feel of the action. Our staff can help answer any questions you might have. You can also call us at 1-800-600-9710 if you have any questions or live too far from Murray or Orem Utah to come in. Also, browse through are Kohler & Campbell Upright Piano options.



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