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Piano Care

Caring for Your Piano

We'll breifly mention the most important steps first to taking care of your piano.

Tuning:  New pianos need a couple extra tunings in the beginning. If your brand new piano goes out of tune sooner than you expected, you shouldn't need to worry. The strings in new pianos are so new that they will take about a year to stretch and settle. It is recommended that you have 2 to 3 tunings in the first year.

If you have kids and adults playing the piano everyday for a couple hours, you should have your piano tuned twice a year around the same time of year. If your piano is played a few times a week or maybe a few minutes everyday, you will probably be fine with 1 tuning a year. You can ask your tuner to call you at the same time each year.

Cleaning: Pianos have different finishes. High polish pianos have a polyuerethane coating which is the same as the finish on cars. Some pianos have a satin or wood grain finish. Ask the salesman what you should use to clean your piano. There is a brand called C.O.R.Y that is specifically designed for cleaning pianos. Also, a safe method for cleaning all pianos is to use a soft cotton (e.g. cloth baby diaper) slightly damp with water followed by a dry cloth.

Sunlight and other elements: Keeping your piano out of direct sunlight is best. The sun will bleach the finish of your piano over time. Also, the sun warms up the piano and temperature change on a piano will take the piano out of tune much faster than normal. It's best to keep a steady temperature in the room your piano is located.

Humidity: Pianos do best in 40% humidity. A quick tip in a dry climate is to place a plant within a few feet of your piano and keep the plant watered. A plant will create an area of humidity at a level close to 40% all the time.

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