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Piano Tuner Salt Lake City Utah

Piano Tuner, Salt Lake City Utah

Get a piano tuner from Salt Lake City Utah to come and tune your piano professionally. Piano Gallery has certified and very experienced pianos tuners that can fix or tune your piano. There are many piano tuners available in Salt Lake City but it takes a highly developed skill to make your piano sound how it really should.

Our Murray Piano Gallery Store covers the Salt Lake area for tuning pianos. A local piano tuner in SLC will set up the appointment and then come to your house to get your piano sounding and performing like it was new. It takes one to two hours for the piano to be tuned. If the piano is badly out of tune, it may need a pitch raise and will take closer to two hours.

Some tips on keeping your piano in tune:

Keep a plant nearby your piano that you water regularly. This will keep the area where your piano is located at a 40% humidity which is perfect for a piano. Also, keep the piano out of too much direct sunlight. The change in temperature will make the piano go out of tune and can ruin the finish. A swamp cooler is bad for pianos because of the big change in humidity. If you have a swamp cooler, keep the piano away from the air flow. If you have a key that is sticking or not responding very quickly, you can push that key down and wiggle it back and forth. This will sometimes free up the key so it responds quickly like it should.

Piano tuner, Salt Lake City Utah isn't searched too often online, but if you do type this phrase in and see our website listed, click and fill out a form to get a piano tuner to your home.


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