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Piano Tuners Utah

Piano Tuners, Utah

Contact us to get a Utah Piano Tuner

Our piano tuners at the Piano Gallery are certified professionals and can tune, regulate and repair your piano so it sounds and play like new. Piano Gallery has some of the best piano tuners, Utah or any where else. They work hard to get your piano sounding at it's full potential. There are many Utah piano tuners, but it takes a finely tuned skill (pun intended) to get the piano to sound how it should.

Contact Form Online for Piano Tuners, Utah

You can submit a form to get one of our Piano Tuners, Utah to contact you and schedule an appointment. If you have a broken hammer or string, or if your piano is making some weird sounds such as squeaks and vibrating, you can get our piano tuners to fix it. They also will do pitch raises if your piano hasn't been tuned for a long time.

A few tips on keeping your piano in better tune is, make sure your piano isn't in an area that changes in temperature frequently. Also, changes in humiditiy will make the wood expand and contract changing the tension of the strings and also possibly causing stuck keys. The perfect humidity for a piano is at 40%. If you place a plant within a few feet of your piano and you keep it watered regularly, you'll have an area of 40% humidity around your piano.

So, contact the Piano Gallery near you in Salt Lake or Orem to get your piano in tip top shape and you can also let us know if you have any questions.

If you are looking for piano teachers in Utah, you'll find our piano teacher finder tool very helpful.


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