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Piano Vertical

Vertical Piano Options from Piano Gallery

Get a Piano Vertical at Up to 40% Off

A piano vertical in many brands and styles are available at the piano gallery. View vertical piano options on our site and then come in and try out these great pianos for yourself. If you play various vertical pianos, you can get a better idea of the feel of the keys and sound that you want. 

Vertical Piano Sound in Your Home

The piano may sound a little different when inside your home than when it did in the store. There are a couple reasons for this. Piano showrooms are usually quite large. The room where you put your piano will be much smaller which will make it a little louder. Also, some factors that affect the sound of your vertical piano are woodfloors, pictures on the wall, size of the room and height and if you have the back of the piano against the wall.

The sound of your vertical piano can be adjusted by your piano tuner. If you would like the piano a little brighter because you have a lot of carpet and furniture that mutes the sound, this can be done. Also, the opposite can be done. If your piano is too bright, it can be softened by your piano tuner. Then you don't have to worry about how the piano will sound different in your home.

Feel of the Keys in Your Upright Piano

The feel of the keys are important. In upright pianos, this can't be changed much. Play several pianos to get an idea of what you want the keys to feel like. Some piano keys will require more resistance when playing, other keys are quicker and lighter. If you have little ones who will take lessons, a quicker lighter feel to the keys may be ideal.

Here is an example of a great priced and nice sounding vertical piano. Kohler & Campbell makes some great upright pianos. Also, some other very popular brands carried by Piano Gallery are Yamaha, Samick, Knabe and a great variety of used pianos as well.

If you have questions, give us a call at 1-800-600-9710, or call the Salt Lake Store in Murray Utah at 801-266-9550 or Orem at 801-224-0466.



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