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"My husband and I wanted to thank you again for your interest in helping us in our decision to buy a piano. You went out of your way to make our family feel welcome in your store, especially with our two young children. We felt very at ease and comfortable with you and appreciated your patience with us while we were trying to make our choice.

I never thought it would be possible to own such a beautiful piano, yet you helped make our dream a reality. We were even more thrilled that the piano we thought would take awhile to get in stock, arrived sooner than expected and the piano was in our home two days later!

Thank you again!!



"You warned us and you were RIGHT. Two pianos sit side by side in our family room; one very lonely, the other is in constant, nonstop, endless use. The lonely console, acoustic piano, sits and collects dust. The Roland electronic piano is the cause of many a scuffle over whose turn it is to play. Our children are getting up very early in the morning to sneak a turn on the Roland piano. The Roland is a parent's dream piano - a piano children love to play constantly!

My mother was a piano teacher and a very accomplished pianist - and I hated playing endless scales and drills - I wanted to play REAL music. I quit taking piano lessons at 12 years old. Having a mother/piano teacher correcting me constantly didn't help matters at all. Because of my piano experiences, I wnated the piano to be fun. And to see my children playing and hearing themselves playing real music as soon as possible.

With the Roland electronic piano I don't have to be the heavy-handed critic of my children's piano playing. The built-in metronome doesn't lie. The play-along disks don't wait for a child to figure out the notes they say they know. The disks are the way they begin to understand playing real music and get excited about how they sound. And, I can record difficult passages for my daughter so that she can play along and learn them. If only the electronic piano had been around when I was twelve.

There is no question in my mind that an electronic piano is the way to go to get children (and adults) excited about music and to want to practice. Geoff, you were absolutely RIGHT!




"I am writing about our experience with the digital piano we purchased from you several months ago.

Practice has never been the same for myself or my 11 year old daughter. Emily now sits down at the piano and "goofs off" while she plays along with the recorded music on disk and the accompanying sheet music. Without prompting or prodding, she practices her left hand and then her right hand as she turns off and on each part. After one song, she moves on to the next.

Emily is now motivated to become proficient enough to play with the recorded music. She will stay with a song until she has it mastered. It is common for her to play for entertainment rather than practice for a lesson. While she is entertaining herself, she is understanding the theory and application of playing music.

Her teacher has gegun to integrate the recorded music into her regular lessons and utilize the added methods to help her learn thythm, counting, dynamics, etc.

The other kids love to hear the different sounds and Emily will play her mucis with the different effects. The piano has become a very entertaining way to learn how to play the piano.

For myself, I do the same thing. I pick-up some of her music and practice along with the recordings and enjoy the feeling of playing with a "band". I have been practicing hymns and so I enjoy turning the piano into an organ and imagine myself at the Tabernacle.

We look forward to years of enjoyment with our digital.



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